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About Geuther

For your children, with all our heart

Dear Parents,

Once upon a time over 100 years ago. This is how most fairy tales begin. We are not a fairy tale. We have written history. Geuther has been synonymous with quality and safety for many generations. Our driving force is our love for childhood. From where our motto: "For your children, with all our heart".

Our headquarters and factory are in the village of Mitwitz, in Bavaria, a region with a long tradition of woodworking in Germany, in the middle of a huge forest. Geuther is striving to be a green company. We use only high-quality beech wood from well managed European forests in our production. The water-based paints used are environmentally friendly, pollutant-free and safe for your children.

Are you looking for products tested to the highest standards? Our certified products are tested by TÜV, the most recognized body in Germany, to ensure full compliance with European safety standards. In our internal testing laboratory, we test each batch according to even stricter criteria. We represent the quality of the "Made in Germany" brand.

Our goal is to make great furniture out of wood for your children. By great we mean functional, beautiful and most of all safe! The safety of your children is of the highest importance for you as a parent and for us as producers and parents.

Would you like to know more about us? Visit our homepage where you will find a detailed list of our complete range. In addition, you will find detailed information that will help you choose a product that meets your needs. Our products are available in many shops in Europe but also through this site. Do not hesitate to ask our resellers or our advisers for advice.

We would also love to have your ideas. Would you like us to develop a new product? Do you have ideas for improvement? Do not hesitate to write to us.

Best regards,

Michel Bertsch

General manager


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